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Welcome to the New Utiware SiteBuilder
with Templates and Content Management System (CMS)

Utiware SiteBuilder will guide you through the setup process for your new Web Site and Content Management System (CMS).  

To utilize this service you must login with a Special SiteBuilder FTP Account that Utiware provides to you for SiteBuilder use. If you have your Special SiteBuilder FTP Account then click on the following link to build your website. You can install multiple templates by repeating the template installation process.

Start Building!

If you are an Utiware Web Hosting Customer and have not requested for SiteBuilder service, you will need to make a request for Utiware to setup a Special SiteBuilder FTP Account for access to this SiteBuilder.  Please do the following steps to request for a SiteBuilder account:

How to Request for a Free SiteBuilder Account (For Utiware Web Hosting Customers Only)
  1. Provide the full Domain Name Address of where you want to install the web site that you will create with the SiteBuilder and CMS.
  2. If there is already a web site there, please note that the Utiware SiteBuilder and CMS will install a new web site that may replace your existing web site. So ensure that the address does not contain a web site that you intend to keep.
  3. Please request for a SiteBuilder account only by opening a Support Ticket from your Client Area at:  http://clients.utiware.net

If you do not have a Web Hosting Service with Utiware, please purchase a Web Hosting Plan from us and we will provide you with a Free SiteBuilder FTP account. Our web site is: http://www.utiware.net You can browse our SiteBuilder Templates Here.

If you already have your Special SiteBuilder FTP Account, then creating your Web Site and its CMS is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. 2. 3. Ready!

Login with the Sitebuilder FTP Account provided to you by Utiware.

Choose the template which best suits your company needs.

Provide essential information about your web site and confirm installation! Congratulations! Your new web site and CMS is now installed and ready to be customized.  

Start Building!